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​​​Call 517-548-1582 and enjoy a confident, worry-free experience with the experienced team of auto movers and vehicle transport experts at Enterprise Transport Services, the most trusted name in vehicle transport companies. Enterprise Transport has been shipping cars, trucks, vans, RVs and other vehicles across the United States since 1994. . With Enterprise Transport/Enterprise Logistics, you'll always know what to expect when you say, "Ship my Car!" – on time, affordable, safe delivery of your vehicle when you need it, where you need it.

Q. How much will it cost to ship my vehicle with Enterprise Transport/Logistics?

A. Enterprise Transport/Logistics’ prices are competitive within the automotive trucking industry; we base our prices on a few factors. The timing of when you want your vehicle shipped, the cost to transport a vehicle is higher during peak travel times such as the Fall and Spring to peak locations, such as Florida, California, and Arizona. Roughly speaking, the greater the distance the higher the cost to ship a vehicle. Other factors we take into consideration are the vehicle’s condition (wether it is operational or non-operational), if it is a large vehicle and requires additional space on the transporter, or if it is a specialty vehicle such as a classic or sports car which may require additional protection and handling during transportation. Multi-car discounts may apply, but not during the peak season.

Q. How long will it take Enterprise Transport/Logistics to ship my vehicle?

A.  Unfortunately, unless vehicles are transported on company carriers, we cannot provide an exact date of when your vehicle 
will be picked up or delivered. Many factors such as location(auto hauler transport routes), weather, road conditions, and other 
unforeseen circumstances can affect pickup and delivery times and dates.  Typical auto hauling transit times are 7-10 days from 
Coast to Coast, 3-5 days from North to South, and 4-6 days from Midwest to either Coast. To ensure the quickest possible transit
time, provide our dispatchers with the earliest possible pickup and delivery times the vehicle will be available. Additionally, states such as Florida and California have Seasonal Peak times both in the Spring and Fall when our company trucks are scheduled as far out as 30-90 days. This means we would have to wait for a cancellation or expedite a truck for pick up,there is an additional fee for expiated pickups, but if you have time restrictions we will do all we can to make your transport happen.

Q. What should you expect when shipping a vehicle with Enterprise Transport?

A.  At the time of scheduling you will need to provide our dispatch with the following information. Vehicle make, model and year, we may require vehicle identification Number (Vehicle (Vin) Number) , and any alterations made to the vehicle that may affect the transport. For both Pickup and Delivery:   Contact name, phone number, address, city state and zip We also ask you provide any times in which either party will not be available. After we have received your order our dispatchers will than arrange for a licensed & Insured, qualified carrier who will transport your vehicle from its current location to the requested destination. We at Enterprise Transport do not collect upfront fees or deposits, so if we do not ship your car, we do not get paid. Once arrangements have been made, Enterprise will contact you to confirm the transport arrangements and at that time request and review payment terms.

Q. Why shouldn’t I pay the cheapest transport quote?

A. The automotive transport industry is unregulated; usually the best prices are given by the worst companies. The cheapest quote
is usually followed by a request for your credit card and possibly for you to sign a carrier contract which locks you into 30 days with
that broker which guarantees their fee and who places your vehicle on a national dispatch board. Carriers choose those vehicles
that pay the most, and your vehicle will sit there until the money offered to transport the vehicle is raised. At this point, the broker 
has already received payment, and now you have a problem.

Q. Will my vehicle be insured?

A. Yes, as part of our service, Enterprise Transport/Logistics maintains cargo and liability insurance on all of our Transporters. Additionally, each carrier within our network is also required to maintain the legal limits for both liability and cargo insurance, at no cost to the customer.

Q. What is door-to-door service?

A. Door-to-door service means Enterprise Transport/Logistics, and their drivers, will get your vehicle as close to your door as legally 
and safely as possible. Many cities have restrictions on large trucks prohibiting them from going into residential areas or specific 
locations to load vehicles.  Most of our transporters are huge and need a large area to maneuver around; so if access to your home is restricted by narrow streets, low hanging trees, and/or electrical lines, etc. the driver may ask you to meet the transporter in a nearby parking lot or designated area where it is safe to load or unload your vehicle.

Q. Can I transport my personal items in my vehicle?

A. Anything packed inside your car which is not part of the factory installed equipment will be shipped at your own risk. We at 
Enterprise Transport /Logistics shall not assume responsibility for car phone antennas, radar detectors, or any personal items
packed inside the vehicle. If you must pack anything and wish to take that risk, we ask you pack only soft items such as bedding, 
clothing, etc up to no more than 75 pounds in the trunk area of your vehicle where it is not visible. Please let the Enterprise 
staff know in advance if you plan to pack any items in your vehicle. 

**** PLEASE NOTE OUR NEW COMPANY POLICY****** During the Spring and Fall Seasons when our transporters are moving at full capacity, we ask our customers to not place any  personal items within their vehicles and keep gas tanks to 1/4 of a tank or less.  By following this practice we will be able to accommodate all customers who wish their vehicles transported.

Additionally,  the DOT (Department of Transportation) regulates what can be transported across state lines. Auto Transport companies are not permitted to transport household goods and can face penalties and fines if found carrying household goods. Moving companies are the only companies licensed to transport household goods. No firearms, hazardous materials, or illegal contraband are allowed at any time.

Q. Do I have to be present for pick up or delivery of my vehicle?

A. No, you do not have to be present; however we at Enterprise Transport/Logistics HIGHLY RECOMMEND your availability to ensure you are satisfied with the condition of the vehicle(s) we are transporting on your behalf. If you are unable to be available at
either pick up or delivery our company suggests you appoint a designated party to represent you. When picking up your vehicle: before the driver loads your vehicle onto the transporter, they will perform an inspection of your vehicle for any damage, such as scratches, dents, etc. This inspection process is performed again when delivering your vehicle where the designated person present is asked to review the performed inspection and sign the inspection form. If you do not have a person present at either venue to represent you, you waive your rights to any claims should damage be sustained during transportation.

FYI; Before you are asked by the driver to sign the inspection form, for your own peace of mind, it may be beneficial for you to note 
the vehicles millage on the inspection form, and the condition of the interior. 

Q. What if my vehicle is damaged during transport?

A. If damage is sustained, we ask that you to note the difference with the vehicles condition on the inspection sheet; which you will
be asked to sign at delivery. Then notify our office staff immediately for further instructions at 517-548-1582.

Q. What does door to terminal mean?

A. Your vehicle will be picked up by Enterprise Transport/Logistics either from your home/business or a location of your choice 
and will be delivered to one of our many secured terminal facilities nearest you. You will then be required to pick up your vehicle
from our secured terminal. There may be an additional fee for this service, depending on the facility and its location.

Q. What is terminal to terminal mean?

A. We at Enterprise Transport/Logistics require that you bring your vehicle to a secured terminal or facility at your convenience.
Then we will transport your vehicle as close as physically possible to your chosen delivery location. Please note; some secured 
facilities may charge additional fees for storage.

Q. When preparing your vehicle for transporting there are some simple steps you can take to ensure 
problem free transporting.

A. We urge you not to store your personal items in your vehicle for transporting. We are not licensed to transport household goods.

In order for our drivers to properly inspect your car, it must be clean and free of snow and dirt at the time of pickup. If the car is
too dirty or snow covered to inspect, it will be noted on the inspection form and you will be asked to sign the form stating that the 
car is being shipped in an “AS IS” condition, or you will need to wash the vehicle and drop it off at one of our terminal's for a proper
inspection. Shipping the car “AS IS” means that Enterprise Transport/Logistics and their assigned carriers and terminals will not 
be liable for any damage claims.  Please do not leave keys on fancy or irreplaceable key chains which could be lost, our drivers will
not be liable for the loss. Lastly, please limit the amount of gas placed in your tank to ¼ of tank to decrease the overall weight of the
vehicle for loading on the truck.