Snow Bird Customers!!!!!!     

       Enterprise Logistics also takes great care with our Snowbird customers. Our company              drivers have dedicated routes which they travel each week during the Spring and Fall                season.

       However, due to the outstanding customer service these drivers provide our customers,          their service is in high demand. Therefore, we ask our Snowbird customers to contact our        office well in advance of the date they desire their car or vehicle transported to ensure              space is available on one of our company transporters.

       We suggest contacting our office by Mid-August for the Fall Season, and Late December 
       for the Spring Season




                     Enterprise Transport/Enterprise Logistics Services: 

Shipping a Car or Vehicle for the first time can be confusing and time consuming especially if you are unfamiliar with the vehicle shipping process. Many people don’t know what questions to ask when speaking with the many different auto transport companies available, and do not know what they should expect from the whole car transport experience. It is hard to know if the information they are receiving is correct and if the company they are using will provide the service desired. 

We at Enterprise Transport/Enterprise Logistics make the entire vehicle shipping process easy and comfortable for both new and returning customers. Our staff is available to answer any questions regarding vehicle shipping, and will be happy to help guide you through the entire process from answering any questions about shipping a vehicle, to the actual delivery of the vehicle. We at Enterprise Transport/Logistics take pride with the outstanding customer service we provide our customers with their car shipping needs, Utilizing both open and enclosed trailers.

Enterprise  provides a safe, reliable, on-time door to door vehicle transport service nationwide. We specialize with the transport of Snowbirds, Military Relocations, Corporate Transfers, Vehicle Auction Purchases, and services to both New and Used Car Dealers. Our company operates within an extensive nationwide network of the most experienced and reliable transport carriers available who are all licensed, bonded and insured. 

Our goal at Enterprise Logistics is to provide our customers with a stress free environment through the entire vehicle transportation process. After our customer’s car or vehicle has been inspected and loaded onto one of our carriers, our customers can then relax and know their vehicle is in good hands and will reach its destination in a safe and timely manner with the care and ease of our professional drivers. 

Contact our office today at 517-548-1582 and speak with our customer service representative about shipping your vehicle with us.  


Please feel free to contact our office and request a quote for your car/vehicle transport, or, for your convenience, complete the Quote Request Form provided on our Website.  No Deposit is required on car and vehicle shipping.  Expatiate Service is available when you need your vehicle shipped fast for an additional fee.

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